Last Updated Date: 27.10.2022

As an organization that is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society, in the process from the design of the products we produce in order to leave a more livable world to future generations, until they reach the consumer; Complying with applicable legal and other obligations regarding the environment and energy that we are obliged to comply with;

  • To work to reduce environmental pollution and to continuously increase our energy performance by prioritizing our sensitivity to the environment,
  • To protect natural resources and to use them in the most efficient way,
  • Continuous improvement by setting environmental and energy targets,
  • To ensure the existence of all information and resources to achieve goals and objectives,
  • Ensuring energy efficiency in production by using environmentally friendly technologies, reducing the use of raw materials and considering energy efficiency in designs,
  • Ensuring the purchase of energy efficient products,
  • We are committed to raising the awareness of all our employees, from top management to the lowest unit, by providing trainings on environment and energy to all our employees,